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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When, what time, how long, and where is class?
A: Classes are on Tuesdays at 5:45 PM EST and ends at around 6:45 PM EST. Class is around an hour. The class meets on Zoom. 

Q: How do I get into the Zoom for the class? 

A: The zoom link is a recurring meeting, so you can use the same link each time. You will receive weekly emails on Monday 8 PM with the zoom link, art topic, supplies needed for Tuesday, and the conversation questions we will ask on Tuesday. 

Q: What materials do I need for the class? 

A: Our classes are designed to only need supplies you can find around your house! The maximum tools we will ever require are pencil, pen, coloring tools (crayon, pencil, marker, etc), tape or glue stick or stapler, scissors, and paper (copy, colored construction, etc). We will tell you what exactly is needed in the weekly emails.   

Q: How long is this program? 
A: We run around the duration of the school year, from September to June-ish, then take a summer hiatus. 

Q: What is the format of the program?
A: The program is weekly with rotating teachers, so you can meet someone new each week! Within a class, there will be two teachers, one teaching the steps and one showing the drawing live. We will also ask fun questions during class to spark conversation.

Q: What age group is this class for? A: Majority of participants are somewhere between 5 and 25, but older students are welcome to try the class and see if it is a good fit for them! 

Q: Average class size? 
A: Around 10-20 kids, can be more or less depending on the week. 


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